Hello! I'm Denis, I can help you to make your product speak, listen, and understand.

Consultant && Speaker && Developer

Speaking & Community

As a GDG community member and Google Developer Expert, I regularly meetups and conferences in the past year about a variety of topics from voice development to education. The community changed my life and I have been proud GDG organizer and part of DevFest.cz org team for the past few years.


Most of the projects were created using TypeScript, Node.js, and Firebase, but I am open to new learning opportunities, I use GitHub for VS and Google Apps Script when in need to make G Suite even better or superpower some Spreadsheets.


Are you planning to get started with voice development or to integrate it into your product? As an active member of the Voice community for the past 3 years and Google Developer Expert for Google Assistant, I can help you to make your project #VoiceFirst

How can I help you?

Google Assistant

As a Google Developer Expert for Google Assistant I can help you to build your product and your complete voice vision. We can also work together to integrate NLU directly into your product.

Apps Script

Google Apps Script is a powerful tool for G Suite automatization. I can help you design and create products that will make your company operate smoothly.


Firebase is a developer toolset containing products from Databases to Google Analytics. It can help you to quickly build production-ready apps with strong backend running on Google Cloud.

Smart Home #Voice

Do you have existing Smart Home devices and want to make it accessible with Google Assistant? I can guide you through Smart Home implementation or develop it for you.

Projects showcase

Tracker for Toggl

Google Assistant Action for one of the most popular time tracking apps Toggl. It can help you to keep track of your time using your voice, manage projects, and give you time reports. Check out the product page or try it out by saying: "Hey Google, talk to Tracker for Toggl"

TypeScript / REST API / Dialogflow / Actions on Google / Firebase Cloud Functions


Designed and developed full integration for HARDWARIO Industrial IoT Kit, including local-to-server communication, status reporting, and full Google Assistant Smart Home support.

Node-RED / Firestore / Cloud Functions / TypeScript / Actions on Google Smart Home API

GClassroom Dashboard

Created Google Classroom dashboard product for school administrators and teachers, which they use to monitor Classroom tasks across the whole school, with individual class/students/teachers reports. Created during #COVID19 crysis to help schools.

TypeScript / Google Data Studio / Google Sheets / Google Apps Script

Community Guide

Action for Google Assistant which enables you to search the whole world for your favorite Google Developer Groups. It works with your location to find events and communities near you using Meetup API.

TypeScript / REST API / Dialogflow / Actions on Google / Firebase Cloud Functions

Unannounced Voice Project

Project helping with discoverability of #VoiceFirst apps and supporting the growing voice community.

Actions on Google / Apps Script / Product Managment / Typescript

Global Voice Hackathon

In 2019 I co-organized Global Voice Hackathon, which impacted more than 1500 students and developers, resulting in amazing voice projects.