Denis Valášek

Google Developer Expert, Speaker, Voice & G Suite Developer

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Community-driven developer with a huge passion for voice

Since I started with Voice development in 2017, many things changed. I have followed the latest trends and gained strong experience in development and design for Voice Assistants. As a youngest Google Developer Expert, I shared my knowledge across 30+ meetups and conferences, reaching thousands of developers. But the voice is space yet to be explorer, join me, so we can explore it together.

Work experience

2019 - now

HARDWARIO - Voice Developer

Designing and delivering complex voice solution for HARDWARIO Industrial IoT Kits

2017 - now

Freelance Voice Consultancy and Development

Helping companies and individuals with Google Assistant, voice design and development

2020 - now

EduGo - Consultant

Consultant for G Suite and Google Apps Script, helping companies and schools to enhance user experience and with task automatization

2019 - now

Google Developer Expert for Google Assistant

Sharing my knowledge and experience through presentations, workshops, and hackathons. Working with Google to shape up developer experience and create a better product for everyone

2017 - now - GDG Community Organizer

I am organizing local developer events as part of GDG Ostrava. 3 years ago I also joined the org team, which organizes one of the largest developer conferences in the Czech Republic.